Slip-Resistant Technology

Since 1984, Shoes For Crews has been providing leading slip resistant footwear. Our entire range has been redesigned with one thing in mind, your safety. We have added innovations all over our shoes to make them work as effectively and safely as possible. These include upgraded slip-resistance and extra support, both designed to keep you safe and comfortable at work.

Shield of Safety
We don't outsource safety. We own it. That's why we've put our Shield of Safety on our shoes. With one glance you'll know you're safe. We take it so seriously that we own our own outsole factory so we are in charge of every single ingredient that goes into each outsole and every step in the production process.

Sometimes big lugs at the front of your shoe can be a trip hazard, so we created Tripguard. The slight curve and tight lug pattern make it easy for you to move from slippery surfaces to carpet and rugs safely.

If things boil over at work, count on Spillguard. Engineered into the linings or the material overlays, this membrane protects your forefoot from hot liquids.

You work hard. You need a shoe that works with your foot, not against it. FlexTread outsoles are designed to mimic your foot's natural movement so you and your shoes are always in step.

We've engineered a foam compound to make our shoes lighter. Hoverlite removes 100 grams with each step you take, which means that over an eight-hour shift, we help take pressure off your legs, knees and joints.


Slip-Resistant Test


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