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We are proud to introduce the brand SFC PRO. With a focus on the industrial sector, SFC Pro is designed to meet the daily and challenging demands of workforces across these industries.

The 4SG Outsole prevent accidents on wet, icy, and oily surfaces. Our 4SG Four Seasons Grip outsole is specifically designed for challenging surfaces and environments - across all seasons and weather conditions. It meets the DIN ISO 20344:2021 standard and surpasses the industry standard in terms of slip-resistance and safety. This outsole offers exceptional slip-resistance properties — even on ice! The results are demonstrated her (lenke til folder)

Well equipped for use: When every second counts, solid and comfortable footwear is the be-all and end-all. Our footwear for military, ambulance, police and security (MAPS) offer excellent cushioning and, of course, our signature extremely slip-resistant outsole technology.

510 grams (based on size 43)
585 grams (base on size 42)
360 grams (based on size 42)
526 grams (based on size 43)
507 grams (based on size 39)
544 grams (based on size 39)
508 grams (based on size 39)
775 grams (based on size 42)
746 grams (based on size 42)
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