About us

Preben Tellefsen AS was established in 1992 by Anne Berit and Preben Tellefsen. At that time they supplied uniforms to McDonald’s in Norway, amongst others. They also imported luxury silk ties and scarves from Italy, to be used as gifts for the professional market. Since then Preben Tellefsen AS has become a major supplier of workshoes to the professional market.

Shoes for Crews has been a success. These are slip-resistant, comfortable shoes which are supplied to international fast-food chains, hotel chains and facility services, both onshore and offshore. These shoes help prevent workplace injuries and sick leave. In addition, Tellefsen is a distributor of the workshoe collection Ecco Prof, professional shoes developed for the police, ambulance and security services. The company supplies customers in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Preben Tellefsen AS was a Gazelle Company in 2016. The company was Eco-lighthouse certified in 2018, and ISO 9001:2015-certified in 2019.
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