Barista’s are on their feet all day and under pressure during peak times. You need a shoe that provides comfort, support and is stylish, but more importantly keeps you safe. You're preparing and serving hot drinks, your work environment can often be hazardous, with liquid spills commonplace. To keep you upright and safe, our Barista range of shoes are all slip and water resistant with comfort insoles and a protective membrane lining in the forefront to protect against hot liquid spills.


As a bartender you're on the move and on your feet all day. You need a work shoe designed with comfort and support in mind, but also one to protect against potential hazards, such as wet floor surfaces.

Our slip-resistant bar shoes reduce the chance of suffering slips, trips or falls at work. Along with keeping you on your feet and looking good, our stylish footwear offers comfort and support to help avoid aches and pains at the end of your shift. Created with premium materials, our work shoes are water resistant and have key features such as Spillguard, a protective membrane lining that creates a barrier against hot liquids.

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